Can I Drink On Keto?

The short answer is yes.

You can have certain alcoholic drinks that are low or no carb.

None of the drinks with sugar are OK obviously. The drinks that are OK are mostly simple liquors.


Mixed drinks are pretty much a no go.


Alcohol does have a short term effect on the bloodstream blood sugar wise. But it’s not the same effect as a high carb food.

A high carb food can knock the body out of ketosis and it might take days or weeks to get back into ketosis.

Alcohol in the blood converts to sugar, but doesn’t affect the body the same as carbs in food. It’s a little confusing.

When the alcohol converts to sugar in the blood, it goes away quickly without changing the entire system in the body of converting energy.

Can I drink on keto is kind of a technical question in one way. But, the real question you should ask first is this;  Can I control the urge to drink once I start?


Have You Had a Drinking Problem


If you have ever had a drinking problem, then you shouldn’t try drinking on keto. Why? Beyond the obvious reasons of what it does to your life, it’s about brain chemistry.

Addictive eating and drinking are from brain chemistry. There are pleasure centers and pleasure producing hormones. If you are addicted to the effects of alcohol, you are probably a big fan of carbs.

They have a very similar effect in the brain. It is thought that this comes from the days when our ancestors were hunter gatherers. The brain would reward the body with feeling good from high carb food.

Why? So we would eat more than we needed to, so that we could pack on some extra fat to get us through the winter.  Extra fat was actually a good thing.


We have to overcome millions of years of genetics. Sometimes that’s hard.


So if you have any tendency toward carbs, sweets, or alcohol, then I don’t recommend you use alcohol during your keto diet, even though it’s theoretically OK.

In the end, like everything, it’s up to you to answer the question “Can I drink on keto?”


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