Are vitamins necessary on Keto

Are vitamins necessary on Keto?

“Should I take vitamin supplements?

That’s a very personal question and the answer is unique to you. I take multiple supplements under the supervision of a nutritionist. In my case, it is extremely important because I have a very delicate balance physically.

I don’t recommend just grabbing supplements willy nilly. You can actually cause problems.

On the other hand, everyone can’t afford a good nutrition expert, or even find one. Truthfully, most of them don’t know that much about all the subtleties of nutrients and their interactions.

So, use your own knowledge and judgement.

You probably do need some kind of supplements, like a multivitamin at least.

I always recommend  B vitamins for your nervous system. They can really help keep you calm and feeling good when you are going through stress….or in other words, all the time! It’s called Life.

But here’s the thing about  B vitamins. About half the population can’t actually process regular B vitamins because of a common gene named MTHFR.  If you have that gene, the regular B vitamins won’t help, and will actually make you feel worse. I know because that’s how I am.

Not only do you have to decide Are vitamins necessary on Keto, but which ones work for you.

You will have to take what is called Methylated B Vitamins.

I spent years taking B Vitamins thinking it would relax me, etc. All the things B vitamins are supposed to do. I would only feel the same or even worse!

When I switched to Methylated B vitamins, I started getting the feeling of well being that I had been after.

So to be safe, go ahead and try “Methylated” B vitamins instead of regular.  Methylated B vitamins work for everyone, whether or not they might have that gene.  You are covered either way.

Make sure whatever vitamins you use, they should be sugar free, gluten free, and soy free.

And that's my take on the question “Are vitamins necessary on Keto?”.

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