Is it OK to have cheat days on Keto?

It depends on a bunch of factors.

But if I had to give one overall answer, it would be no.

Now having said that, it doesn’t mean you can never go off of Keto.

If you want to go on and off Keto, you should do it gradually for long periods of time.

Ask yourself this: During each day, can I have a Keto cheat hour where I load up on carbs?  A cheat minute? See how foolish that sounds? Of course not.

Then why would weekly be any better?

Getting into Ketosis is a process that requires your body to shift a bunch of processes. You should be on the diet or off it, but not ping pong in between. That’s actually not good for you.

Let’s break it down.

If you go on and off Keto weekly, like every Saturday for instance, you will have problems eventually. The older you are, the less chance you have of pulling this off.

If you are pretty young, and already in good shape, you might be able to get away with it for a while.

The problem you run into is when you yo-yo back and forth, the body eventually can’t do it anymore. It becomes less and less able to switch back and forth.

The metabolism becomes inflexible. It gets to the point where it gets confused and worn out trying to process foods and blood sugar levels.

Remember, the processes of the body are like dominoes lined up. One event triggers another.  So if you start and stop Keto, it’s like toppling the first domino , then saying “Stop” when the line is halfway toppled. It won’t stop.

The dominoes will fall until they all fall. Then you have to set them all up again. It takes a lot of time and trouble, just like getting your body into Ketosis.

It is really not worth the trouble just to put “cheat food” into your body.

Staying strictly in Keto for long periods of time is the best. Then when you have lost all the weight, you could maybe start adding other foods in.

But why? Everything is not about weight. Over weight is simply a symptom of your body not being in a healthy state. Being healthy AND a good weight should be your goal.

That’s what Ketosis delivers. A lifestyle of pain free activity and energy. Isn’t that better than a few minutes of a sugar rush?

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