5 Quick Keto Success Tips

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5 Quick Keto Success Tips

When you first start keto, or any kind of self improvement, it really helps you mentally is you see results fast.

When you first get that glimmer of something good happening, it can turn into steady determination.

So, when you start keto, or restart keto, quick results can be the difference between making it or giving up and feeling like a failure again.

So here are 5 quick keto success tips.


1. Plan Plan Plan

If you go into your first few days with no plan, you will probably end up with no diet either.

Keto is not like other diets. You must have the right combination of macros (macronutrients) for the body to switch over to a fat burning monster.

That means you have to have the right foods in the house, or, know which restaurants you are going to, and which menu items are ok.  I have a whole series of posts on what’s available at restaurants. Search the website by restaurant name if you want to see.

Of course, you can skip this step by getting your own copy of our “Done for you” keto plan. Every meal, every recipe, and even the shopping list all done for you.  It’s a 28 day plan which can then be repeated over and over until you are as skinny as your want to be.


2. Carbs Down, Weight Loss UP!


Start lowering your carbs right away. Try to get total carbs to under 25 grams per day.

This is for quicker weight loss. Long term, I wouldn’t stay this low on carbs. But to get the weight to start falling off, lower those carbs.


Continuing our 5 quick keto success tips…


3. Hydrate Like Never Before

To keep from getting the ‘keto flu’, and to keep the waste material moving out of your system, drink lots of water and electrolytes.

Put some broth in your daily system. It has salt and other nutrients without adding any calories. When you lose weight, your body dumps the waste. You need lots of liquid to carry it out of the body.


4. Do All Shopping, Planning, and Cooking Early In The Day


This is because your willpower is just like a muscle. It starts strong, then gets worn out by use. Plan your day so you are dealing with your food (except for eating) early when willpower is strongest.

It can save you from giving in if you are all worn out and can’t resist temptation.


5. Stay Positive


You have to take the long view. There will be tough moments, tough days, even tough weeks. You have to mentally prepare. Walk yourself through ahead of time. “What will I do if I feel like this? I’ll have some broth!”  Have a general plan for how to deal with issues. Then they won’t take you by surprise.


That’s the 5 Quick Keto Success Tips for today. They will help you.  So, Keto ON!


If you like these tips and would like to get more keto tips, endless recipes, and lots of inspiration, then come to our free website and sign up for our mailing list. https://RockThatKeto.com .

Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day





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