400 Keto Helpers In One Food

400 Keto Helpers In One Food

Today,  I’d like to tell you about a food that works great on Keto.

It’s a strange one, too.


Because for as long as I can remember, this particular food was thought to be bad for us.

However, much modern scientific research has really shown the opposite to be true.

Instead of it being bad for us, it’s actually really, really good for us.

On top of that, this food is now thought to be one of the most powerful tools ever for burning fat.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s… Butter!!

I know, it sounds crazy — but let me finish. It contains 400 Keto Helpers In One Food.

For decades, people have demonized butter.  They said it clogs up our arteries.

But modern research has shown that idea to be wrong. Really wrong.

Butter is an incredibly complex food.

It has 400 different types of fatty acids.

And every one of them is designed to trigger Ketosis in your body.

So use butter a LOT.  Don’t listen to your mom’s voice in your head. She didn’t know.

Cook your vegetables in butter.

Pour melted butter over your meat dishes.

And you may not have heard this one, but you can even add butter to your morning coffee!

Crazy huh?

Try it, you’ll be shocked how it helps your brain function.

Using butter more frequently will cause your body to get into Ketosis faster.

To get the best results, eat grass fed butter. It’s much healthier.

It might cost a little extra, but you only get one body after all.

In fact, the very best butter is KerryGold Irish Butter.

You can find it in WholeFoods or else online HERE.  Think of it. 400 Keto Helpers In One Food.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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